Migration: Devstack docker to Tutor

Hello all,

We have a fork of edx-platform (open-release/lilac.master). Right now, we are doing all our development on devstack docker and working as expected.

We want to migrate to tutor now. So, will there be any problem with our fork and customizations on tutor development?

We are also planning to do a production-level setup using tutor with above all things.

Please let us know what precautions we have to keep in mind while making this shift.


Hi @jramnai one place to start would be Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation.

So, it shouldn’t be a problem, but it depends on what changes you applied :wink:


Hi @jramnai! Welcome on board :slight_smile: I don’t have very specific recommendations for you. Just remember the following:

  1. As opposed to the native installation, the base Tutor installation is quite bare bone. To add extra features, you should not fork Tutor, but instead create custom plugins that will modify the behavior of Tutor.
  2. In development, Tutor does very little for you and expects you to be quite explicit about everything you do. For instance, in development Tutor does not automatically bind-mount host folders for you. Instead, you should mount the repositories you need by hand.

Also, please report your findings right here :slight_smile:

Thanks @cacciaresi and @regis for your response and sorry for the late reply.

Sure, I will add up here if get anything.

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