Migration between different machines

Hi. I’m asking here, since i didn’t found anything about this in Documentation, but maybe i just had no luck to find this.

I’ve got running tutor based OpenEDX instance in GKE.
I need to move it to onpremise.

So I’ve created my own k8s machines, and installed tutor successfully there.

Now I need to move all the data from running system to new one.

Should I open and exec every container and dump mysql database, mongodb etc and in new machine import this data, or maybe there is some better and more proper way to do this ?

(I’m using the same old tutor version on both sides for compatibility reasons)

Hi @lisek84! If I understand correctly, you need to migrate from a local installation to Kubernetes, right? You will have to migrate data from MySQL and Mongodb. We don’t have explicit instructions for k8s, but you should draw some inspiration from these docs: Making backups and migrating data — Tutor documentation

Also, I assume that you are already running the MinIO plugin locally? You will need to migrate its data to the corresponding volume on k8s. Implementation details are left as an exercise to the reader :sweat_smile:

OK. It seems to be working ok now. Thanks.

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That’s great to hear! Can you please describe how you did it? I’m sure it will be really useful to other people who face the same problem.

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