Maintaining xblocks across upgrades


I’ve a customized my Open edX / Tutor installation to use some custom xblocks (as explained here

It seems that whenever I upgrade tutor and start / stop my local instance the requirements file private.txt is wiped and I lose all my xblocks. I then need to add them again and rebuild the openedx image.

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to persist private.txt (perhaps in Tutor’s config)?
  2. In a more general sense, what’s the recommended approach to maintain a Tutor installation up to date? Right now whenever I upgrade Tutor I have to:
  • Stop all containers
  • Start them again to get the latest images
  • Rebuild the openedx image to get my xblocks again
  • Restart

It feels like I’m missing something, any pointers?

Hi @jerivas!

The fact that the private.txt file is not persisted between runs is a problem. Would you mind creating a Github issue that points to this conversation?

It really much depends what your customisations are, but assuming you only need to install extra requirements, and the first issue is solved, then you would have to run:

pip install --upgrade tutor
tutor images build openedx
tutor local quickstart --non-interactive

Thanks! I’ve created the issue.

How about themes? Are the upgrade instructions suitable for that?

Awesome, thanks!

Yes, absolutely.