Maintainers meeting

Hi @maintainers! We have a few matters that I think we should discuss together in a synchronous meeting. Here is the agenda:

  1. Tutor Nightly (i.e: running Open edX on master, first discussed here): the project may be perfectly clear in my head, but you might have questions about how this is going to be managed.

  2. Unprivileged containers (first discussed here): again, this is a matter where I’d like everyone to be in sync.

  3. Getting rid of the Nginx container in Tutor (first discussed here): I expect to write a TEP for this change before the actual meeting. The general idea is to get rid of the nginx container and keep only the caddy container. There are implementation details that should be discussed, as proposed by @iamCristYe.

  4. What’s the future of Tutor forums? With Tutor becoming the only officially supported community installation in Maple, we should decide whether it makes sense to keep this forum separated from the official Open edX forum.

  5. How can we encourage faster pull request reviews? Too often, I find myself merging pull requests without any review from Tutor Developers. While I understand that you might be very busy, we need to streamline the review process. (see pending pull requests right here)

  6. What should be the policy for 3rd party plugins? I think that we should officially recommend some 3rd party plugins, such as @pcliu’s tutor-credentials or @BbrSofiane’s tutor-contrib-publisher, provided:

    a. authors agree
    b. users have a way to get support from the authors (GitHub issues/Slack/these forums…)
    c. they commit to providing updates at most one week after the official community release

Maintainers should feel free to add new items to this agenda. Non-maintainers are invited to this meeting as well, but only maintainers will have a vote in the actual decision. Please indicate your availabilities right here: WhenIsGood: Tutor maintainers meetup

See you soon!


The poll has only received 3 answers :roll_eyes: but we must decide on a date, so let’s meet on 2021-10-11T09:00:00Z

Meeting ID: 858 9701 6670
Passcode: 649640

I’ll update the agenda above as I think of other items.


@regis thank you for schduling the meeting, appercaite that!
Would it be possible to ask general questions in the meeting about the dymanics and the development of plugins?
Since I am currently developing the tutor-fourm, I just have few quick questions, and wonder if that would be appropriate time for that.

Looking forward for it!

I think it’s best if we reserve this meeting for decisions to be taken together, as Tutor maintainers. The agenda looks packed already, so I doubt we’ll have extra time at the end for unscheduled technical Q&A (if we do though I have nothing against it).

Thanks to those of you who joined the meeting! I understand that synchronous meetings are difficult to organise with participants all over the world, which is why they should be reserved for occasional discussions, and not for important decisions.

The recording is here: Passcode Required - Zoom (password: !*hW^5v1)

Here are my notes concerning the agenda items I listed above:

I’ll keep the corresponding PR open for a couple days and then merge it if there is no requested change: Add tutorials to docs, and pave the way for the "nightly" branch by regisb · Pull Request #494 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

This is a breaking change, so we will wait until Maple to merge it (provided there is no objection in the PR).

The technical details are tricky, so it’s better to wait for an actual TEP and PR to be created – sorry that I did not create it before. Discussion can happen there. During today’s discussion, @iamCristYe said that my proposed approach made sense.

No concrete proposal was made, but there was not either any strong opinion against moving the Tutor forums to

No concrete proposal was made.

People present agreed that the proposed approach made sense, so I’ll write a corresponding TEP and discussion can happen there.

Feel free to add your comments below! Especially if you could not make it to the meeting.

One proposal I would make for this is to commit to a day in the week where we dedicate 1 or 2 hours to reviewing PRs. I found that just setting a time in my calendar works better than reacting to notifications. We can make that commitment more or less informal in the List of Tutor Maintainers.

I had my time slot set on Monday but I realised that’s usually when @regis would merge outstanding PRs so I switched it to Friday.

That’s a great idea Sofiane. For the record, I usually merge outstanding PRs when I get the impression that there are just too many of them – which often happens on Mondays, because that’s when I feel the need of a “blank slate” :stuck_out_tongue:

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