Logged in user do not see demo course after upgrade from koa to lilac


I just upgraded a test deployment from koa (v11.2.11) to lilac (v12.0.2).

When I go back to the LMS front page after the upgrade everything seems normal. However, when I log in with a test user I don’t see the demo course in https://<lms>/courses and I get this message: We couldn't find any results for ""

Visiting https://<lms>/courses/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course/about works both as anonymous and authenticated user.

Do you know why?

Many thanks,

When you go to the course advanced settings, in the studio, do you have any custom visibility settings? I’m thinking in particular of “Course Visibility In Catalog”.

Hi @regis

I have just replicated this issue upgrading from koa-11.3.1 to lilac-12.0.4.


Course Visibility In Catalog is "both" in the course advanced settings (the default value I believe)

Is there an lms.py command that I need to run after the upgrade?

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Hi @slunav, I manage to reproduce and resolve the issue. For some reason, the courses are not properly indexed after the upgrade. Just run:

tutor local run cms ./manage.py cms reindex_course --all

And answer “y” to the prompt asking for confirmation. I would add this command to the upgrade script, but there is no way to bypass the prompt. I guess I could write a custom script… But then it’s also possible to manually re-index a course by clicking the “Reindex” button in the studio: http://CMS_HOST/course/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course

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