Ironwood + multiple platforms on a single server

Wow, the last few days have been quite intense, to say the least… I’ve published new versions of Tutor with a few major improvements:

Ironwood is out!

This one took everybody by surprise :sweat_smile: just five days before the 2019 Open edX conference, edX released the ironwood.1 tag on all repositories. I immediately started working on the necessary Tutor upgrade, and managed to get a working Ironwood platform in a matter of hours. It is not available in the master branch, yet, but everyone is encouraged to try out the nightly release:
Feedback is welcome!

Running multiple Open edX platforms on a single server

This one had been on my to-do list for a long time! With Tutor the Open edX platform is pretty much separated from the rest of the environment, so why not run multiple Open edX platforms on the same server? If you have enough RAM (4Gb/platform), then it shouldn’t be a problem. The process is pretty simple, as it consists of setting a few configuration parameters. Here’s the relevant documentation:

There will be more changes to come as I hack on Tutor during the conference, so stay tuned!