Installation stuck for 1 hour


I subscribed to Open EDX tutor in AWS and was deplying it on my ec-2 isntance. During isntallation I choose the non production mode to isntall. Everything was going well but since the last 1 hour its just stuck on here:

 Applying course_modes.0002_coursemode_expiration_datetime_is_explicit... OK
  Applying course_modes.0003_auto_20151113_1443... OK
  Applying course_modes.0004_auto_20151113_1457... OK
  Applying course_modes.0005_auto_20151217_0958... OK
  Applying course_modes.0006_auto_20160208_1407... OK
  Applying course_modes.0007_coursemode_bulk_sku... OK
  Applying course_groups.0001_initial... OK

What can I do now? Does it really take so much time? Thank you!

Hi @sushantv! This is not normal. Are you sure that your internet connection did not break down? Also, what size is your EC2 instance? If you don’t have enough memory, mysql migrations will crash halfway.

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