Indigo theme spacing error

I noticed that the spacing between the “4th” and “5th” class on my front page was spaced smaller than all the other distances. I did a test of adding more classes, and came up with the behavior that it’s “4 classes correct spacing, then anomalously small spacing, then 4 classes correct spacing”. See the attached screenshots.

Six classes:

Seven classes:

Nine classes:

I’ve only changed the logos, color, and about/tos.html (I just reverted the change I made to footer.html and that made no difference). And I’m on the May 18th 2021 (f228ba0c9a2d5c04f73abcd7be3da525f0340963) commit. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

Workaround found and posted to Spacing error · Issue #14 · overhangio/indigo · GitHub

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