Indigo theme cannot install on Amazon AMI due to running out of space during install

I don’t think this is due to me having uploaded a bunch of assets to my site - I’m mostly using AWS S3 storage for all my images, and only a few like course cards are uploaded through the raw interface.

So I just wanted to give an FYI and a heads up that the current default Amazon AWI for Tutor may be too small. I’ll post a solution once I figure out how to resize the filesystem to make more space.

(Is there a way to do the moral equivalent of “make clean” to free up the space caused by “tutor images build openedx” though?)

Step 1: Click on your AMI, and then click on Storage, and click on the volume link

Step 2: Make a snapshot for your volume, so you don’t break it.

Step 3: Let that complete, and then using the same interface, select “Modify Volume”

Step 4: Increase the size (I increased by 15GB, but it seems like I probably only really needed to increase by around 1GB to get past my issue with rebuilding the docker image for installing indigo.)

Step 5: After that completes (check the status as specified on this page), you can resize the linux using the growpart command on this page.

Step 6, reboot the AMI to get it to recognize that the size changed. Then proceed with the indigo theme installation.