How to populate the footer links in Indigo theme

Hi everyone,
I am trying to populate the footer links in Indigo theme?

This is the page that needs to be populated when clicking on “About”

According to config.yml the links are dictionaries with “title” and “url” keys and values.

# Footer links are dictionaries with a "title" and "url"
# To remove all links, write:
  - title: "About"
    url: "/about"
  - title: "Contact"
    url: "/contact"
    - title: "Terms of service"
      url: "/tos"
    - title: "Indigo theme for Open edX"
      url: ""

Should I add a key “text” with “content” value or there is another way?

Thanks for help.

:wave: @SayHi! You should simply modify the “title” and “url” attributes. Did you try it?

Hi @regis and thank you for the great effort you provide to the community.
Yes I have created a test “about” page, called it “about.html” and put it in a folder called “static_templates” under /lms/templates/ path and modified the url in the config.yml at the root of the indigo theme.

I could view the file “about.html” but with no styling at all.


You should not modify the url in the INDIGO_FOOTER_NAV_LINKS. This url refers to the url that will be shown in your browser. In your case, it’s “/about”.

You should create a about.html file that follows more or less the structure of the template from the Indigo theme:

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