How is the ecommerce repository mounted into the container of the debugging environment

Can someone tell me how tutor can mount the ecommerce repository into the container in the debugging environment, thanks

I tried to mount the ecommerce repository in the following manner, but failed

@husiyi This is correct. What is failing?

When I clicked upgrade or certification course, ‘Internal Server Error’ 500 Error occurred, and the terminal also produced errors, as shown in the following figure:

As far as I understand you will need to collect static assets. If you are customising ecommerce, I assume that you can discover how to do it yourself.

Good luck!

Hello, I don’t want to customize e-commerce, I just want to mount the ecommerce repository into the container, and this is the problem;

Now do I need to compile the asset? How do I compile an asset? Use the following command?

tutor dev run -v /path/to/edx-platform:/openedx/edx-platform lms bash
pip install --requirement requirements/edx/development.txt
python install
paver update_assets --settings=tutor.development