Help needed to deploy in kubernetes


I am trying to host the application in cloud kubernetes cluster.

I am trying yo install the tutor application but getting the following error. Can you please help.

kubectl apply -f kustomization.yml
error: error parsing kustomization.yml: error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 13: could not find expected β€˜:’

Using kubernetes 1.15.0 version in azure cloud provider.

A detailed steps on how to deploy using kubectl will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ramshankar! Kubernetes deployment of Open edX requires extensive experience with Kubernetes. K8s is an even more complex topic than Open edX (who knew this was even possible?). If you really want to deploy Open edX on Kubernetes, I strongly suggest you follow some training either on K8s or Open edX deployment.

Hi, can you suggest any training for openedx deployment for production?

I join the order!


Actually, there does not exist any formal training on this specific topic :-/ I have played with the idea of launching an online course on Open edX deployment and development. @ramshankar @ChristianBarrientos If such a course existed, with an entry fee in the 200-500€ range, would you subscribe?

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Yes @regis. It’s a better option to learn from the one how already mastered the art.

Please let me know.

If you have subtitles in Spanish, and it is about Kubernetes, I join without thinking about it !!!

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