Event tracking logs

Hi all,

Is event tracking functionality enabled in tutor installations? If so, where are the logs? If not, any idea how to implement it?

maybe in ~/.local/share/tutor/data/lms/logs

Hi @iamCristYe,
I couldn’t find this location. Is it a specific bind mount done by you? In which container?

log should be in this directory if you have not set your TUTOR_ROOT , if you have set this than , you can fine logs in $TUTOR_ROOT/data/lms/logs/

Is this the same that can be found in /edx/var/log/tracking in the ansible installation?
Where is it in k8s deployment?

Yes andres this are the same logs , unfortunately , in k8s these are not being centralized by default , as per @regis we need to install Cairns or some other tool to centralize them , unfortunately I , myself haven’t that yet.

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