Evaluating Tutor as the community installation method

Hi Tutor users!

This is a just a quick announcement that over the next few days/weeks I’ll be evaluating Tutor as a candidate for the “official” (or maybe “default”?) community installation method.

This is not only in response to @regis’s related post on the edX forum, but also part of my work at OpenCraft: we like to work as upstream as possible, and with the upcoming deprecation of edx-configuration, we’re trying to organize the discussion around its replacement.

If you have comments on the subject, feel free to reply here or on in the thread linked above, and we’ll take it into consideration.


All I can say is, please do this! We used to run a “straight” Open edX install, with constant hassles. Since upgrading to Tutor, it’s been a pleasure! On exactly the same size server. Thank you Régis!

@HenryV, I’m hoping we can do exactly this.

I’ve just submitted an ADR to open-edx-proposals that outlines a plan of action. You and any other Tutor users are encouraged to drop by and comment. The more, the merrier!