Error when creating docker image using the Dockerfile in overhangio/openedx docker hub

Hi! I want to create a custom Open edX docker image, so I tried to copy the Dockerfile from the overhangio/openedx docker hub(tutor/Dockerfile at master · overhangio/tutor · GitHub). Inside this Dockerfile, there are a lot of values are represented by something like {{ OPENEDX_COMMON_VERSION }} and {{ patch(“openedx-dockerfile-post-python-requirements”) }} that could cause errors when I run docker build. I resolved the first type by replacing it with the default value of the variable but didn’t find out what does the “patch” thing related to. Does anyone have an idea about this variable? Thank you very much!!

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‘patch’ are used by tutor plugins for extension. Plese refer to tutor official docs: Plugin API — Tutor documentation

Also, you should read this section of the docs: Concepts — Tutor documentation

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