Error Table Openedx.shoppingcart_certificateitem doesn't exist in tutor 12 lilac release

Hi, have updated tutor to version 12, when applying migrations I am getting error like

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: (1146, "Table 'openedx.shoppingcart_certificateitem' doesn't exist"

tutor version - 12
edx platform release - open-release/lilac.1
command used - tutor local init

Hi @ashraf! I did not manage to reproduce your issue. Can you confirm that it occurs when you run tutor local quickstart?

Hi regis,

Yes, I got this error when I ran tutor local quickstart and also with tutor local init.
(To be precise the error occurs when running the migration for shoppingcart )

Can you please paste the full error logs?

Hi @regis , the issue is resolved it seems database error while migrating from old database. I tried with the new DB and it worked.


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