edX Studio off-line client

Will it be available somewhen in the near future?
What is the status of the development?

Hi @EllaRa! We have not started work on this because we did not identify a business requirement. Would you be interested? Can you please describe more precisely your use case?

I’m a methodologist and instructional designer, working with the standard authoring tools (iSpring, Storyline).
I don’t like the fact that edX doesn’t support SCORM\xAPI\TinCan by default (it does through LTI, though). There is SCORM XBlock, but without SCORM player

Therefore, I think it may be a good idea to expand the feature set of Open edX with the native authoring tool.

Regarding the demand, well, you probably will need to make a more thorough market research. Count me in, in any case.