Editing language file from Forked version

Hi Everyone,

Apology I’m a newbie here, I wanted to get familiarized on the system, I’m trying to change these text for a start but I cant seem to get it to work, changes seems not reflecting in the studio.

I’ve read about forking the edx-platform and so far what i have done is…

  1. Forked the openedx (https://github.com/edx/edx-platform)
  2. Edited some text on the forked branch at /edx-platform/blob/open-release/ironwood.master/conf/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
  3. build the image using the branch that i edited the text
    tutor images build -a EDX_PLATFORM_REPOSITORY=https://github.com/myrepo/edx-platform -a EDX_PLATFORM_VERSION=open-release/ironwood -a EDX_PLATFORM_VERSION_DATE=20200812 openedx
  4. tutor local stop
  5. tutor local start -d

Did i miss anything? changes on the po file seems now reflecting. :frowning:

Appreciate if anyone can give me a hand.


You can’t simply modify the po files from the edx-platform repo without rebuilding the compiled .mo files. Please check the following section on updating translations without forking the edx-platform repo: https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/configuration.html#adding-custom-translations