DNS records - clarification of documentation

In the documentation it gives an example of DNS records:

demo.openedx 1800 IN A
*.demo.openedx 1800 IN CNAME demo.openedx.overhang.io.

I just wondered if this was correct: why is the first record demo.openedx but the second is demo.openedx.overhang.io? I’m not being pedantic; I’m trying to set-up my own DNS records and haven’t got studio.mydomain.com resolving properly yet.

You can just use demo.yourdomain.com and studio.demo.yourdomain.com as A record to your IP.
For the example in the documentation, the domain is “overhang.io” so “demo.openedx” is a subdomain of overhang.io, the A record doesn’t need to specifiy the ‘.overhangio.io’ but the CNAME needs a full domain name.

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Thanks so much for explaining it. I guess I hadn’t understood properly what CNAME was, but it makes more sense now.

@oldmankit it is strongly recommended to add a CNAME for *.yourdomain.com, as additional Tutor plugins and Open edX default to subdomains of the LMS. For instance, by default, the Ecommerce app runs at ecommerce.yourdomain.com: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-ecommerce: Ecommerce plugin for Tutor

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