Developing new MFE on local machine - how to setup

I’m developing a new MFE and I’m struggling to get the build to use the local files on my machine rather than taking the branch from the respository all the time.

In config.yml I have

  name: dashboard
  port: 1998
  version: develop

and I have put in the docker-compose.override.yml file the following

           - <path>/dev_folder/frontend-app-dashboard/:/openedx/app

But everytime I do tutor dev start dashboard I can see that it checks with github rather than just taking the source off the file system and building that.

I’m terrible with docker so I’m clearly missing something here.

Thanks for any assistance.

I must admit I never hacked directly on the microfrontends, so I don’t have a solution 100% ready for you. However, this is a scenario that is going to occur frequently, so we’d better figure out a good solution.

Can you please try the following command, see if it works for you?

tutor dev runserver --volume=<path>/dev_folder/frontend-app-dashboard/:/openedx/app dashboard

Apologies I haven’t checked in for a while. I’ll have a go in a couple of days and get back.

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