Customizing course certificate

I am trying to build a custom course certificate. I followed the below process
mylmsconsole/admin/certificates and added html in certificate templates. but its not reflecting once i generate course certificate

i am trying to create custom certificate and i followed below process.

  1. enabled custom plugin via below
    name: customcert
    version: 0.1.0
    common-env-features: |

    tutor plugins install custom_cert.yml

    tutor plugins enable customcert

    tutor config save

    tutor local reboot -d

  2. enabled HTML View

  1. created certificate template

  2. uploaded and enabled certificate assets

  3. enabled certificate generation course settings

  1. created organization and linked it certificate

  1. restarted all servcies still unable to generate custom certificate, can anyone guide what i am missing??

@giovanni @phulc any help will be appreciated as i am stuck with this since last few days

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