Credentials Service plugin

Hi all, is there any plan in the near future to implement a plugin for credentials service? ( based on a comparison that I did with production installation of openedx is the only service that is missing (except analytics and after using eCommerce and discovery tutor plugins). Please let me know if I’m missing something here :wink:

I’m open to help on the development of the plugin.

Hi @cacciaresi! As I mentioned in our previous conversation on Slack, this should be a 1-3 day effort for someone who is a little bit familiar with both tutor and Open edX. However, most of the effort is not going to reside in the initial development, but in the maintenance (and support) of the plugin. There are two ways to proceed: either this plugin is developed and maintained by someone from the community (yourself?) or by If it is developed by, then I could use some help for testing the plugin, but, to be blunt, financial support would also be very well appreciated. We could imagine that a group of sponsors finance the development of the plugin, which would then be made exclusively available to them for a couple months. Then the plugin would be made available for the whole community (with some referral links to the sponsor websites). In any case, the plugin would be open source, as always with tutor.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts about this process?

I have a couple of thoughts about this…

  • First of all :wink: is there anyway to support certificates without this service/application? I wonder how other companies/universities using open Edx & tutor without certificates service…

  • If we conclude that we really need this service (I understand that we do to have certificates for courses and programs) we can help on testing, related with development we can also help but we don’t have the knowledge about tutor and this service in particular to estimate this in 2 days :wink: Are you checking the ansible role ( to estimate this effort?

  • Related with sponsors/finance, may be an option but I feel that it will take some time to get it.


@cacciaresi Sorry for the disturbance but I am wondering if any decision was made for creating the credentials service plugin? Is it done or is it pending?


I really don’t know if this was developed, maybe @regis knows :wink:


As far as I know, no credentials plugin was developed for Tutor, yet.