Backed up data -- Cannot See after Creating Directory

Good Day - I was backing up data using the rsync command. I strictly followed these steps:

tutor local stop

Transfer the configuration, environment and platform data from server 1 to server 2:

rsync -avr "$(tutor config printroot)/" /tmp/tutor/

Ran correctly, showing all data transferring without any error.

  1. On server 2, move the data to the right location:

    mv /tmp/tutor "$(tutor config printroot)"

(actually I just backed it up to the same server). Then I renamed the directory as /tmp/tutor-backup

Backed-up Content Permissions : I did a sudo chown dbilleter /tmp and even logged in as root user, but still do not see /tmp/tutor_backup (attachment).

I know it exists because if I grep, I see it in history:

.bash_history:mdir tutor_backup
.bash_history:mkdir tutor_backup
.bash_history:cd tutor_backup
.bash_history:rsync -avr "$(tutor config printroot)/" /tmp/tutor_backup/
.bash_history:sudo rsync -avr "$(tutor config printroot)/" /tmp/tutor_backup/

Skipped Step 5 because I wasn’t creating another instance.

Thanks. I know you’re helping me with another post, so I thought I’d post separately.

It’s difficult to help you with this without having our hands on the computer, but it’s certainly one of the rsync/mv commands that was incorrect. Make sure that the tutor folder was not moved to tutor/tutor or something like that.