Anyway to implement analytics server with tutor

Any possible tricky way to see analysis of courses and users??

edX’s Insights is a pending deprecation dead-end and Figures is not being upgraded to Koa… I am considering putting together a full-blown analytics stack, with custom dashboards and oauth, but this will almost certainly be part of the Wizard Edition, which will be available at the cost of a license. Would you be interested in that @hkpanchani?

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would you please provide more information on it??

The future analytics solution would collect all Docker logs, including tracking logs, and would also connect to the Open edX database – or the HTTP API, I’m not quite sure about that just yet. The dashboards would be exposed in a fully customizable UI which would be made available both to platform administrators and course staff. Server performance would also probably be exposed to platform administrators. Everything would be installable in one click, as a Tutor plugin, compatible both with local and Kubernetes deployments.