Android app problem

Hey! i have the tutor app already running. Is there a way to connect my open-edx-android app (not tutor android release) to tutor server?

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Yes, I believe this is possible, but you will need to rebuild the Android app. What did you try?

Im trying to do a login on my android app. After create Oauth2 Client and config the yaml i have the acees_token error. I’ve tried put client id on oauth2_provider/application and dont have that error anymore. But now i have another one: i already have access token for my client but still cant login.
Its a HTTP OK but its stagnant here: “GET /api/mobile/v0.5/my_user_info HTTP/1.1” 302 0.


Does the tutor-built Android app work with your Open edX platform?

Thats not the point. I wanted a new native app and tutor has a server that work out of the box, thats why I choose tutor. Do you think you can help me?

It’s difficult to help with so little background information. I have no idea how you built your Android app and I do not quite understand what error you are seeing or how you trigger it. More generally, I cannot provide free help for questions related to the native Android app, which I do not support.