Adding local translation

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a way to add a local translation to Open edX.
In the Open edX, they suggested we can do this using the /openedx-platform/conf/locale//LC_MESSAGES

How can I do this in Tutor?

Thank you.

Hi @nhanquach! Is this one of the languages that come bundled with edx-platform?

If yes, I would suggest forking edx-platform and run tutor from your fork:

If the language is not bundled with edx-platform but comes with openedx-i18n (… well it’s a different story, as it’s currently not possible/convenient to customise this repo in Tutor (that could certainly be improved but it’s not a priority right now).

Mine comes with openedx-i18n

Thank you for your answer, hopefully we can do this in the near future :smiley: