A survey for Open edX providers using Tutor

There are many users of Tutor who are actually companies deploying Open edX for their customers. If you work for one of those companies, then I would like Tutor to better service you :wink: In order to better understand your requirements, I would appreciate it if you took the time to fill this survey. If you’d rather not disclose some information, feel free to reply in a personal message, or just skip the answer entirely. In any case, all your answers will remain completely confidential.

  1. In which country is your company located?
  2. How many Open edX instances did you deploy for your customers? How many do you currently manage?
  3. Of those Open edX instances, how many are deployed with Tutor? (vs: the native installation)
  4. Do you deploy with docker-compose (tutor local ...) or Kubernetes (tutor k8s ...)?
  5. How much do you typically charge for one-time deployments, platform management and customizations?
  6. When an error occurs in production, what is your typical workflow for detecting and resolving the issue?
  7. What tools do you use around Tutor to deploy, manage and upgrade Open edX instances? (Ansible, Sentry, Uptimerobot, …)
  8. What are the biggest pain points with Tutor? How would you improve it? How can we help?

Thanks a lot! Your answers will be appreciated :bowing_man: